Meet Christine

Your Dedicated Image Strategist & Visibility Coach

Hi! I'm Christine Braneli

Chiropractor and former beauty salon owner turned Certified Image Consultant, helping women in business GLOW from the inside out. Beyond my passion for empowering women, I’m also a lover of Latin music, salsa dancing, and a self-proclaimed travel ambassador to Italy. If you’ve landed on my little piece of the internet, chances are you’re a female entrepreneur, small business owner, or professional service provider. Welcome!

"This program is so much more than camera confidence. It helped me learn how to compliment my features and skin tone so that I'm styled in harmony with the best version of myself, which allows the content I'm teaching on camera to be delivered more effectively because I FEEL confident!"
Lynn D
Empowerment Coach for Divorced Women

How I Serve You:

I’m here to help you look and feel like the radiant, polished, go-to expert in your field that you are! Through personalized coaching and a deep understanding of your unique features and vibe, I empower you to shine from the inside out. As a seasoned business owner and health & beauty coach, my transformation trifecta is designed to make getting camera or stage-ready effortless.

I’ve been in your shoes. Despite feeling confident in my career and motherhood, I struggled with feeling natural in front of a camera. Besides being from a generation of not growing up with a camera around 24/7, I also hid my body in group photos because I wasn’t proud of my size. It took 25 takes for me to make one 10 second video for social media (perfectionist anyone?) and I felt frustrated and stuck. Through dedication and commitment, I learned to make friends with the camera lens so it showed the best version of me and off I went to over 1k videos on social and a recorded digital course. Now, I’m here to help you get unstuck and do the same!

No one would ever know you struggle with not liking yourself on camera because you’re so confident everywhere else. I know, because I’ve been there.

It’s your time to SHINE.

You deserve to feel confident and empowered in every aspect of your business; camera, stage and IMAGE included.

Raise your hand if you have postponed professional photoshoots until you lost weight, struggled and ultimately avoided being on video because you aren’t comfortable with it, or you need guidance on dressing for your body type so you don’t look bigger than you are? I’ve been there!

If you want to boost your camera confidence, enhance your personal brand, or simply feel more like your youthful self again, it’s time to take the next step.

My programs are tailored to your unique needs, providing the teaching, inspiration, and support required to put your best foot forward. (in fabulous lip color that make you feel amazing!)

Whether you’re looking to excel in social media, webinars, digital courses, or speaking events, I’m here to help you look incredible. If any of these resonate with you, you’ve found your solution. Let’s connect and start boosting your confidence and visibility now!

My Promise To You

Whether you’re looking to boost your image and personal brand so your photos and videos reflect you as the knowledgeable yet approachable expert you are, or you want an easy-to-follow system to help you get dolled up quickly so you can go from feeling dull to dazzling, you’re in the right place!